Dual Monitor Stand Guide

Since multi-tasking at work became all of the rage a few years ago, using more than one monitor became necessary.  And it is not just people at work who prefer them.  Some people prefer to watch TV on one monitor, while they do work on another.  Video gamers, musicians, and more make use of more than one monitor, and if you are going to do that, you need a good quality dual monitor stand to get the maximum performance.

Advantages of Dual Monitor Stands 

When people first started cluttering their desktops with two monitors, they encountered a few problems.  Not all desks are designed for such a set-up, not to mention another set of wires makes set-up confusing.  Not all desks are designed to handle the extra weight another monitor brings to the table.  Make sure you test it before you have an expensive accident.

You may also want a different configuration that a simple side by side arrangement.  If you want one stacked on top of the other, or angled out, monitors are just not designed for this.  In addition, not all set-ups make for toggling between the two monitors easy.

What to Look For in a Dual Monitor Stand 

The best dual monitor stands have secure arms for each monitor that can tilt, swivel, and pivot.  Some are even equipped to handle three monitors, if you have the need.  Once it is mounted in place, it should be very secure as well as ergonomic.  It should also have the strength to be able to hold larger items such as a LCD TV.  It should be easy to install, and once it is installed, it should be easy to adjust.

It should also be fairly easy to toggle between the two screens, or three if you went that route. You should also look for a dual monitor stand that has a cable organizer, so you do not get confused when it is time to switch out a monitor or TV.  It should be able to hold two monitors of different sizes without the stability of the stand being compromised.  Also make sure to buy one that has at least a limited lifetime warranty.  A full lifetime warranty is much more preferable.

What Will A Good Quality Dual Monitor Stand Cost? 

For a dual monitor stand that can do all of the things we have pointed out here, you can expect to pay in the neighborhood of $200 and up.  This is not an accessory that you want to go cheap on, failure of the product may cause you to destroy expensive monitors or HD TVs, and that will cost you more than $200 in most cases.

If you go cheap and buy a dual monitor stand for $100 or so, you will not have the ability to tilt or swivel in all likelihood, and having this ability is one of the main reasons many people want one of these devices.  So go ahead and save your money if you need to, so you can get one of the better models that can do everything, even though you may not know you desire that ability yet.  In time, you will probably discover that you do indeed want those capabilities.

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