Epson Printer Cartridge Guide

Epson printer cartridges produce clear images and documents. They are high quality cartridges that are known to last for a long time. The company advertises that they outlast other cartridges. Epson printer cartridges work with Epson printers to produce excellent printed products. One very important advantage of these cartridges over others is that the ink is made to resist fading, so photos last for a very long time. When you use Epson specialty printer paper along with an Epson cartridge, the photos will last up to 200 years. Photos have real-life shades of color, so they look natural.

Another advantage of Epson printer cartridges is that they dry as soon as the paper comes out of the printer. This eliminates smudges and ruined copies that are touched before they are completely dry. Epson color cartridges are economical to use because each individual color can be replaced if it runs out. There is no need to replace all of the colors like some printers require. An additional benefit of Epson cartridges is that there are different types of black ink available to suit the needs of those who print occasionally, or those who print almost every day.

The Epson high-capacity cartridge prints around 50 percent more copies than the standard-capacity cartridge. Those who need to print a lot of copies, such as small businesses, need to change their cartridges less often with the high-capacity cartridge, and this is a real time saving feature. Also, it is often more economical to buy cartridges from the Epson website or other business supply websites because they offer lower prices on cartridges. They usually have free shipping on ink cartridges, which is very convenient and is a money-saving benefit. Genuine Epson cartridges are sold at many discount stores, office supply stores, and national discount chains as well.

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Customers who are thinking of substituting generic ink cartridges for genuine Epson printer cartridges should know that the generic cartridges tend to run out of ink faster than Epson cartridges. Tests have shown that genuine Epson cartridges print approximately 50 percent more pages in black and around 26 percent more in color than generic cartridges. Even if generic cartridges cost a bit less, it is usually more economical in the long run to buy genuine Epson cartridges.

It is also possible to buy Epson printer cartridges that have been recycled. One company does not burn the cartridges as most others do, but instead, they refill them and sell them as recycled cartridges. These fit into Epson printers properly and can save a business that prints many documents a lot of money. Businesses can also save money by purchasing brand new Epson cartridges. The 3800 Page Yield will last for a long time, even if businesses print every day. This ink is also quick drying, so there are no wasted copies resulting from smudged ink.

Another type of Epson black ink that is made for the clearest, sharpest copies is the Intellidge Inkjet Print Cartridge. When important documents need to be printed, this is the top choices. Copies will not smear or smudge, and the ink is very long lasting, so certificates and other paper will keep their clear appearance. Another variety of cartridges made by Epson is the black inkjet print cartridge. It is also quick drying and is made from dye-based ink. Some types of black ink cartridges are sold in twin packs, and the second cartridge is discounted in price.

Another economical way to replace cartridges in an Epson printer is to buy multi-packs of cartridges that include a black cartridge and three colors. The colors are cyan, magenta, and yellow. Packages that include more than one cartridge are usually a less expensive way to replace cartridges in a printer.

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