TS30 Buttset

A buttset is a special type of telephone set that has traditionally been used by telephone technicians to test “local loop telephone lines.” Buttsets, which are also known as a “lineman’s handset “and a “buttinsky” is generally an all-in-one telephone with an earpiece, a mouthpiece, a dialing interface, a 12-button keypad and, in some cases, a speakerphone, a redial feature, a mute button … even tone/pulse dialing.

Telephone technicians have used this “telecom tool” to locate and isolate problems in individual customer phones or even in entire local networks. And it has been effective because once the problem has been isolated it is much easier to repair.

But now Buttsets are available to consumers, as well. You can go online to buy your own Buttset (if you are tech-savvy and like the idea of doing your own troubleshooting) or drive over to the near-by shopping mall and buy it at the local telephone communications retail outlet. There are a lot of different models available in many different price ranges. There is almost certainly going to be a Buttset that meets your needs and fits your budget range.

The TS30 Buttset … a great value for the Money

In fact, here is one of the best Buttsets currently on the market and available to consumers like you. It’s called the TS30 Buttset and made by Fluke Networks.

Here is what you need to know about the TS30 Buttset … this one-piece handset is constructed of high impact and remarkably durable plastic that will stand up to rough use – indoors or outdoors. It is packed with features that include: a polarity indicator in the talk mode … audible ringing … a last number redial …hearing aid compatibility … and much, much more.

In fact, this telephone handset has received recognition as “the industry standard” for basic telephone line test sets of its type. It is top-of-the-line. And, while it was originally designed for telephone company technical personnel, you can use it, as well, to instantly determine if a telephone line is alive or dead.

It’s easy to do just for any one because the TS30 Buttset comes complete with wires and “alligator clips” that enable you to “hook on” to a telephone line system for the express purpose of monitoring it all the way through. And, if the phone is alive, you can use the Buttset for additional testing to find out if any other related problems exist. You can, in fact, receive incoming calls and make outgoing calls using TS30 Buttset. You can test many other aspects of the phone, too.

Clearly, the TS30 Buttset is a valuable trouble-shooting telecom tool that can help you find and repair problems – quickly and easily – without having to wait for the telephone company to do the repairs for you. And, at about $200 retail sales price, it’s a very good deal.

See for yourself. Stop at your local telecommunications retail store for a close-up look … or go online today, read reviews related to TS30 Buttset product and compare yourself.

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